VideoLAN player and plug-in installation instructions.

Click on the operating system you currently use.

Select “Run”
You may get another popup that looks like this, click "Run"
A window will appear asking for what language you would like to use.Choose English, or whatever language you are most comfortable with.Click the 'OK' button.
Click the 'next' button.
At the license agreement page, read the agreement, and then click on 'I agree.'(if you click 'cancel' the installation will end)
You may see another window with two things: a pull down menu that gives you the option of doing 4 different types of installs (minimum, full, recommended, or custom), and a list of check boxes below the pull down menu. Select which type of installation you want. If this does not appear, go on to the next step.


This next step is very important.

Make sure that there are checkmarks in the boxes next to the words 'mozilla plugin' and 'Activex plugin.' If there are not, click on both of those boxes(the ones that have the words ' mozilla plug-in' and 'acitvex plugin' next to them)

Once that is done, click 'next'.

This next window lets you specify where you want to install the player. (unless you especially don't want to, we recommend you allow it to be installed in the directory that is already specified ) Click 'install' and watch as the files are being installed.
Once that is done, click the finish button and the viola! happy streaming!